Whitewater Slalom Racing In A Kayak

When you think of whitewater, you might think of a raft. Did you know that you can slalom through whitewater in a kayak? The kayak is normally for only one person, but you can find some made for two people. It is important to wear a life jacket as well as a helmet. Since the kayak is smaller than a raft, it has the potential to flip over easier. You need to watch out for large rocks because these can turn the Read the rest of this entry »


Deep Sea Diving While Kayaking In The Ocean

Kayaking is a great way to experience the thrill of open water while getting a good workout. The ocean can be a challenging place to kayak. Strong ocean currents can make you feel battered and bruised. Consider resting near a good place for deep sea diving. This will give you a break from kayaking while exploring the natural coral reefs. Make sure you know how to maneuver a kayak before heading out to the ocean. You should have lots of practice in lakes and Read the rest of this entry »


Kayaks Can Come In Several Configurations

There are many varieties of kayaks, and the best one for you depends on your needs and experience. Take a look at this overview to discover which kayak you should take on your next excursion.

Recreational Kayaks

Best for calm conditions, recreational kayaks are the perfect choice for beginners, casual paddlers, anglers or photographers who want stability in slow-moving rivers, lakes or ponds. Most are between 10 and 12 feet long with a storage area large enough for short day trips.

Touring Kayaks

Also called Read the rest of this entry »


Kayaks Can Be Made From A Variety Of Materials

Kayakers have been made out of many different materials over the centuries. The small watercraft are associated with Native Americans. Native Americans did not use fiberglass or plastic. The Eskimo tribes made the kayaks out of materials they had available. Wood is one of the oldest materials for kayaks, certain skins may have also been used in the construction. Watertight wood is a good material to use for the making of kayaks, but modern materials have Read the rest of this entry »


Techniques Of Kayaking Down Weirs And Waterfalls

Kayaking is a growing sport and is very popular today. There are many techniques involved with kayaking down weirs and waterfalls. You will want to always avoid rocks and sharp objects because those can damage your kayak or even you if you are not careful. There are many kayaks that you can choose from and regardless of which kayak you choose, you need to wear protection. Without protection, you could become extremely injured when kayaking and pose a big risk upon your life. Kayaking isn’t just dangerous Read the rest of this entry »


Fishing Can Be Fun In A Kayak

Kayaks offer great opportunities for fishermen to enjoy their hobby. There are many products that are ideal for fishing, and several things should be considered before making a purchase. The length of the kayak will affect the water that can be paddled. May paddlers choose long kayaks that enable them to get to their favorite fishing holes. Longer kayaks are harder to maneuver in small creeks, but they are ideal for saltwater bays and large lakes.< Read the rest of this entry »


Selecting The Correct Size Of Kayaking Is Important

The size of a kayak influences the ability to maneuver these boats. Shorter kayaks are easier to turn, but they are harder to keep in a straight line. Kayakers usually prefer to purchase a short boat when they are going to be paddling whitewater or small streams. Longer kayaks are easy to keep going straight and are ideal for large lakes, the ocean or bays.

Finding the right sized kayak makes a huge difference in the enjoyment that is had while paddling.July 2013

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